Landlord Gas Safety Inspection Certificate CP12

If you are a Landlord in Cheltenham, and there are gas appliances in your property, it is mandatory that you ensure that these appliances are safe and do not pose any threats to your tenants. In addition to our plumbing and heating services, Adept Heating provides the best Landlord Gas Inspection service in Cheltenham. A defective gas appliance can leak carbon monoxide, harming human life.

Remember that you are responsible for every gas appliance you provide as a landlord. However, if your tenants own a personal gas appliance, you are only responsible for parts of the installation and pipework, not the appliance itself.

What is landlord gas inspection?

It is legally mandatory that you are issued a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection Certificate CP12 every year (12 months) by a registered Engineer.

This safety certificate is a legal document stating that all gas appliances and installations are according to standards and within necessary codes during the inspection. In addition to handling these inspections on behalf of landlords and letting agents, we will ensure gas safety by providing regular maintenance.

Landlord Responsibilities

Landlord gas safety is the responsibility of all Landlords. You need to arrange to maintain the gas appliances you own and the ones for tenants’ use. Additionally, an annual gas safety check is mandatory every 12 months. It is the landlord’s responsibility to arrange this annual check.

Also, a copy of the gas safety checks must be kept for 2 years, and a copy must be issued to each tenant within 28 days of check completion and to any new tenants before they move in. Ensure the copy is shown on your property for rental periods, not up to or within 28 days.

What We Do

In addition to our other services, we offer adequate, quick, and safe inspections of gas appliances. Whether it’s a rental property or a home buyer property, Adept Heating Services has got you covered. To ensure maximum satisfaction, we will call to set inspections at the most convenient time and date for you and your tenant.

We work directly with agents and individual landlords. Keeping track of your annual schedule, sending out annual reminders when necessary, and setting up a schedule that is most convenient for you.

Additionally, we check every appliance, flue, and pipework and provide the safety Certificate.

You can count on the Adept Heating team of engineers in Cheltenham to carry out all your necessary gas safety services. To effectively serve you, we break down our services into the following;

Landlord Gas Safety services
  • Landlord Gas Safety Inspection (Certificate CP12)
  • Priority Emergency Gas Repairs
  • Priority Emergency Plumbing Repairs
  • Regular Maintenance of Gas Appliances
  • Upgrades and Refurbishments

Gas Safety Checks

Here at Adept Heating Ltd, we put in maximum effort to ensure you and your tenants’ safety. We offer the best landlord gas safety check service in Cheltenham. Our engineers are gas safe registered and are fully and continuously trained to cover updates in gas safety checks that the service demands.

Our Gas Safety Checks Services
  • Gas leak checks
  • Ventilation checks
  • Flue checks
  • Safety checks for all devices
  • Condition of pipework and hoses
  • Safety checks for all gas appliances

Gas Safety Inspections for Home Buyers

Are you interested in purchasing a new home? Ensuring the home you are interested in is gas-safe is always advisable. On that note, we offer the best home buyer service in Cheltenham, which includes but is not limited to the following;

  • A detailed assessment of the gas appliances installed in your potential home
  • A detailed report on every device, cylinder, valve, pump, and hot water installation
  • A detailed and adequate report states the heating system’s condition and approximate age.
  • A detailed assessment of the condition of the gas meter and pipework installation and a report to follow
  • Recommendations of appliance replacements and repairs, where necessary.

We are Gas Safe registered.

We take safety very seriously. All our engineers have official Identity cards you can request to see anytime.

This body is responsible for certifying all gas engineers. It is mandatory for every company or engineer to be on this register to be able to practice.