Underfloor Heating Cheltenham

Are you uncomfortable with the cold flooring downstairs?

Is your bathroom floor too cold for your liking?

Are you seeking a heating system that would effectively heat the whole house?

Then underfloor heating is your go-to option. With the best underfloor heating services in Cheltenham, Adept heating engineers have covered all your heating needs, from installing your underfloor heating systems to maintenance and servicing of these systems.

Gone are the days of standing by the fire to warm up and hurrying to leave the bathroom because of cold floors. With underfloor heating, you can enjoy a fully warm home and bathroom.

For many years,  homeowners have chosen the services of Adept Heating & Plumbing to install underfloor heating. Whether it’s a renovation process, a new building, or a simple installation, the team is here for you.

Under floor heating in the Cheltenham area

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

With underfloor heating slowly replacing central heating radiators, many benefits come with choosing this heating method;

  • It provides even home temperature comfort. Unlike central heating radiators, where heating is from one source, underfloor heating warms your home evenly from the floor upwards. You can freely work around your home barefoot yet, feel warm and cosy. This benefit is most noticeable in bathrooms.
  • As effective as this heating method is, it is also very cost-effective. Hence, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy the additional benefits of underfloor heating.
  • It is a discrete and somewhat invisible heating method.
  • It can save you more wall space so you can put it to better use, as this heating method does not involve standalone units like central heating radiators.
  • Regardless of your home type, you can install this underfloor heating method. It can be installed under a wide range of floors. Additionally, it has the luxury of utilizing a gas or oil boiler. Therefore, home-type installations are not limited.
  • High efficiency. A portable underfloor unit can cover a wider area than a similar-sized radiator. Also, it doesn’t require much energy to operate. Hence, a reduction in heating and fuel bills.
  • This underfloor heating method can increase your home value if you want to sell or rent your home. Its reputation as a high-spec work of art precedes it.

There are two types of underfloor heating installations; wet installation, otherwise referred to as water underfloor heating. There is also dry installation, known as electric underfloor heating. Underfloor water heating involves feeding hot water through pipes under the floor, causing the floor to act as the radiator, eliminating the need to run on high temperatures like the central heating boilers or radiators.

under floor heating


Our heating engineers are more than equipped to provide both installations. We ensure maximum safety (gas safety) by ensuring that all our heating engineers are gas safe registered.

As a team of plumbers in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, The team are at your beck and call regarding any underfloor heating services, from plumbing heating to boiler service; you can count on the Adept team.

To effectively serve you, we break down our underfloor heating services into the following;

Covering Your Heating Needs

Being a leading company in the area, our main goal here at Adept is keeping homeowners warm and happy. We put in maximum effort to ensure all your needs are met, from the first phone call to the complete rendering of our service.                                                                          Our support team will be with you every step of the way, from initial installation to offering maintenance services; the team is happy to help.

Choose Us for the best plumbing and underfloor heating service in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Our services involve making you as comfortable as possible, including a precise thermostat to regulate and control your home temperature. This way, you have complete control over when and area in the house to heat up.

Heated Flooring Installations  Gloucestershire

We provide the best heated-flooring services throughout our local area. With the best professionals and sophisticated equipment, we have got you covered in every aspect, from installations to boiler service or repair,